Questions to Ask When Visiting an Over 55’s Retirement Village

Just arriving at the decision to pack up the family home, downsize, and move into an over 55’s lifestyle community is large enough. Then you add in the daunting exercise of visiting many retirement villages to find the perfect on that suits all your needs.

No matter where you are within your retirement living journey, one of the biggest challenges we hear from people searching for their ideal lifestyle village is—how to compare them when they are all so different.

Trying to compare apples with apples when it comes to retirement villages is challenging and can become frustrating.

Ask Questions

When you’re visiting all your potential over 55’s retirement villages, even if they aren’t one of our Teman communities, our advice is to ask as many questions as you can.

What are the best questions to ask when visiting a retirement village?

All of them. There is no question too big or too small to ask. It is always best to come prepared and try and ask similar questions so you can start to compare each of the villages.

Questions to ask when visiting a retirement village

Here is a list of questions that you could ask when visiting each village. We have also created a print friendly version that you can download by clicking here, print off and take with you to each village visit.

1. Who owns and runs the village?

2. Do I own the house, do I own the land?

3. Do you look after maintenance?

4. Can I bring my pet?

5. Will I have my own electric and water meter or is that a shared cost?

6. What are the monthly fees and how much do they go up each year?

7. What do the monthly fees cover?

8. Are you governed by the state’s Retirement Village Act?

9. What are the exit fees?

10. Can I buy a home subject to the sale of my property?

11. How much is the deposit?

12. Do you have a doctor inhouse?

13. Can my family stay with me?

14. Can my grandchildren use the pool and other facilities?

15. Do you have a resident’s committee?

16. Do you have a medi alert system and how does that work?

17. What social activities do you have at your village?

18. Do Coles and Woolworths deliver to the village?

19. Can I make changes to my home when I move in?

20. How close is the nearest hospital?

Life’s good, and it’s even better here

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