Welcoming, service-led communities

We believe everyone deserves to enjoy their life and have access to a lifestyle that brings them contentment and happiness.

we exist to

enable belonging and friendship in later life

At Teman, we believe everyone deserves to enjoy their life and have access to a lifestyle that brings them contentment and happiness as they grow older.

We strive to lead the way in equality and fairness in mature-age living and pride ourselves on being a friendly organisation with an aspiration to create the most welcoming, service-led communities in Australia.

Enjoy life your way

When we reach our wisest years, we owe it to ourselves to take it easy and spend our time how we want to. Maybe that’s with family, friends or your pets, or even alone occasionally. At Teman we try to relieve any roadblocks between residents and their ideal lifestyle and accommodate requests whenever we can.

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Our values

We put people first

We work hard to establish a relationship with every resident and help them connect with others in the community. We know everyone’s name. We encourage community and a sense of unity.

We work with our residents

We listen to and involve our residents in village decisions. We work together to ensure they are proud of where they live and have a sense of ownership. We inspire residents to work together.

We are welcoming

Our communities are a friendly neighbourhood, and we treat everyone the way we’d treat our own family members. We smile and say hello when we walk past. We are accepting of everyone’s differences and maintain a positive outlook.

We promote equality

We strive to build villages that enable all people to enjoy quality of life as they get older. We believe in equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion. We make decisions that serve the community as a collective of people and strive to do what’s best for everyone.

We are humble

We are unpretentious and down-to-earth. We pitch in and do whatever needs doing, no job is too small. We are available and responsive, and genuinely care about the wellbeing of our residents. We are transparent, honest and clear.

We have each other’s back

We are a team our community can rely on, and we encourage everyone to look out for one another. We encourage participation and contribution and inspire residents to reach out when they need a helping hand.

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