Stepping Into a New Chapter: Neil and Vickie’s Transition into Teman Lifestyle Village

The decision to trade open spaces and a sprawling family home for the tightly-knit community of a lifestyle village wasn’t easy for Neil. He held close ties to his farming background, nurturing a deep love for expanses of open land and the liberty it offered. His spouse Vickie, however, sensed the hidden potential that such a transition could bring into their lives. Her keen instinct and foresight painted a promising picture of life in a lifestyle village, sowing the seeds of change in Neil’s heart.

Moving into A Lifestyle Village: Embracing a New Beginning

It wasn’t until they moved into the Teman lifestyle village that Neil’s initial apprehension melted away, replaced by appreciation for their new home. Their first real taste of the vibrant social life in the community was during a grand function the pair attended, where laughter filled the air and conversations flowed freely. A lively band played, people danced, and a beautiful sit-down meal added warmth to the event.

“It’s just a wonderful place to be. We got invited to this function, and it just blew me away.”

What Can You Do in A Lifestyle Village?

Their life in the village quickly became an exciting whirlwind of activities, as each day brought a new opportunity to explore and make lasting memories. Vickie enthusiastically plunged into the many recreational programs the village offered — enjoying the aqua aerobics sessions, or breaking a sweat in the keep-fit classes – while both Neil and Vickie discovered a shared love for line dancing, which quickly became a cherished activity that they look forward to each week.

When the grandkids visit, the village came alive with their laughter and enthusiasm. Whether it was splashing around in the pool, challenging each other to a game of billiards, or chasing each other around the lush open spaces, the grandkids were never short of things to do.

Living in a smaller home might have been an adjustment for Neil, but seeing the kids’ joy and how much they loved visiting them in the village made the transition worthwhile. As Neil recalls, “The kids like the mini golf – all the family can get together there.”

Bringing Your Family to A Retirement Village: A Wonderful Opportunity to Create Shared Memories

With a large family consisting of 6 children, their partners, and 11 grandchildren, Neil and Vickie loved hosting family gatherings. The gazebo area in the village has become their favourite spot to hold family functions. Its spacious layout allows their large family to spread out comfortably, and the picturesque views make for a stunning backdrop.

Their villa’s prime location, looking straight onto the mini golf course, added a special charm. The kids often spend hours playing mini golf, their laughter and chatter filling the air, while Neil and Vickie watch from their villa.

The Joy of Travel and the Comfort of Home

The couple’s love for adventure hasn’t been curbed by their move to the village, but nurtured. Their caravan is safely stored in the corner of the village, allowing them the freedom to set off on impromptu road trips.

Additionally, the community spirit in the village ensures their home is well taken care of during their absence – with neighbours collecting their mail, watering their plants, and taking care of other little things around the house.

Taking on New Roles and Forming New Bonds

In the village, Neil and Vickie discovered new passions and interests. Neil took on the role of the bar manager, a position he carries with pride and responsibility, while Vickie became part of the social committee, helping organise events that bring joy and laughter to the community. They even had the opportunity to showcase their acting talents in a play organised by the village’s rhythm group.

When Should You Move Into A Retirement Village?

Both Neil and Vickie believe the key to fully embracing life in a lifestyle village lies in timing. They recommend making the move while you’re still healthy and able to participate in the wide array of activities the village offers. Moving at the right time allows for the creation of meaningful relationships and the full enjoyment of the community.

As Vickie puts it, “Come here when you’re healthy and able to do all the activities. Just don’t leave it too late.”

Moreover, they found peace in the knowledge that their village is a safe and secure environment. The tight-knit community ensures that even if something were to happen to one partner, the other wouldn’t be left isolated but rather, would be surrounded by supportive friends and neighbours.

As Neil reflects, “The comfortable thing about being here is you know that if something happens to one of you, it’s safe and secure and the other one who’s left behind is not isolated. That’s important.”

For Neil and Vickie, their journey into the Teman lifestyle village brought more than they could have ever anticipated.

They enjoy a vibrant social life, discovered new hobbies, travel freely, and found safety and comfort in their community.

Life’s good, and it’s even better here

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