Downsizing and Moving into a Retirement Village

From cost and downsizing to isolation or losing autonomy – there are often many concerns associated with moving into a retirement village. But for Rick and Ann, the experience couldn’t have been better.

The idea of moving into a retirement village initially came about when Ann found herself asking a question that so many of us do: “How long have I got left?”

“When you get into your seventies,” she describes, “you start to think ‘how long have I got left, and what do I want to do with the rest of my life?”

Ann also worried that, once either of them passed – “or pops the clogs” as she remarks with a laugh – she didn’t want the other person “isolated in suburbia, not knowing the neighbours, and feeling lonely.”

From there, Rick and Ann began the process of downsizing while searching for a retirement village near Mandurah.

Downsize to a renovated home in the over 55's retirement village Lakeside by Teman in Ravenswood WA

Benefits of downsizing

Despite not knowing how to downsize in the beginning, Ann found herself surprised at the ease with which she was able to let go of possessions she’d accumulated over 50 years.

She recalls taking “boxes and boxes” of items that they’d moved around with over the years and selling or donating them.

“As each batch went, I felt more liberated. Able to start a new existence with reduced clutter.”

For Rick, “a DIY man,” the prospect of downsizing meant some welcome relief from the endless maintenance:

“There’s always something to do in the house, maintaining it. It was looking tired, and we would have had to spend a lot more money refurbishing it. We also couldn’t make the kitchen any bigger.”

Finding a lifestyle village

Rick acknowledges that the process of searching for a retirement village can feel daunting and overwhelming, describing that visiting just four different villages felt like “a lot.”

But once the pair visited Lakeside by Teman in Ravenswood, Rick knew they’d found home.

“When we came into the gates at Lakeside by Teman, it became totally obvious that this was the one for us. The wide-open spaces, the houses themselves looked great, and the community atmosphere.”

The over 55’s lifestyle village offered everything they were looking for, including facilities and services they hadn’t even considered.

Downsize to Lakeside by Teman in Ravenswood

Village life

Located in the beautiful Western Australian Peel Region only 14 minutes from Mandurah – with a wealth of facilities, welcoming communities, and excellent proximity to both nature and the city – life at Lakeside by Teman is filled with easy-going adventure, genuine connection, and empowered freedom.

One of Ann’s favourite aspects of the village is staying active and social, and the fact that the family can come and share the facilities.

“Any facilities that we’re allowed to use, the family can come and enjoy.”

“They visit all the time,” Rick agrees, noting that Henry, their eight-year-old grandson, frequently enjoys swimming in the pool, and “loves Grandma and Grandad’s village.”

When you downsize to the retirement village Lakeside by Teman near Mandurah you can enjoy all the facilities including the indoor heated pool

Being active and social

From bowling, tennis, and golf to movie nights, choir, and swimming – Rick and Ann now thoroughly enjoy living just moments from such a large range of activities and facilities, and Ann makes mention of all the new friends that they’ve made as a result:

“Monday morning, one of the ladies invites other people to come and do aerobics with her in the water. There’s no charge, and it’s really good exercise. I’ll go with her, and then drag Rick along through the week.”

Rick jokes that he’s not brave enough to enter the water “with all the ladies” on a Monday morning, but he enjoys going with Ann later in the week.

“I usually go two or three times a week, and I really enjoy that.”

They also enjoy going to choir together and catching up with new and old friends during movie nights.

And, as an added bonus, Rick still gets to enjoy his time on the tools:

“They’ve got two brilliant workshops here, and I do enjoy them. I don’t need all my own tools – everything’s here. I’ve never welded in my life, but there are a couple of people here that are going to teach me, which I’m looking forward to.”

Despite having no idea where to start initially – along with understandable worries about downsizing and moving – Rick and Ann are totally satisfied with their move to Lakeside by Teman and are busy enjoying their next chapter.

Life’s good, and it’s even better here

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