Discover Lakeside by Teman in Ravenswood: An Unparalleled Retirement Village Experience Near Perth

In 1974, Chris and Jenny Keats began a life-changing adventure that saw them travel across the globe, from the United Kingdom to the sun-kissed city of Perth in Western Australia. They were among the thousands of “10-pound poms” who sought new beginnings in the land down under – all for a fare of just ten pounds.


Their new life unfolded in Perth, where Chris worked in the mining industry and Jenny devoted herself to hospital work. Life was good, but little did they know that their best was yet to come: in a tranquil retirement village in Ravenswood, just an hour’s drive from Perth’s CBD.

The Search for Ideal Retirement Villages in Perth

Upon reaching their well-deserved retirement, the Keats yearned for more than just the city’s convenience. They dreamed of a place that beautifully intertwined the perks of urban living and the serenity of countryside life. Thus, they embarked on an exploratory journey that led them to various retirement villages in Perth and its surrounding areas, ranging from Albany to Durian Bay.

But they knew they could pick only one.

Lakeside by Teman: A Picturesque Retirement Village Close to Perth

Their search came to an end in Ravenswood, where they discovered the idyllic retirement village of Lakeside by Teman. The moment they walked through the entrance, Chris and Jenny knew they’d found their haven.

“As soon as you walk in that gate, you say, ‘yes, this is it.’ No other village was like it,” Chris fondly remembers, recounting their first encounter with the village.

Lakeside by Teman in Ravenswood: A Jewel Among Retirement Villages Near Perth

Lakeside by Teman, tucked away in a quaint corner less than an hour from Perth’s hustle and bustle, offers a unique approach to retirement living. Its vast open spaces, reminiscent of the countryside, juxtaposed with its proximity to Perth, provide the perfect blend of city convenience and rural tranquility.

This harmonious balance makes it a top choice among retirement villages for Perth retirees like the Keats.

The Lakeside Promise: A Blend of Freedom, Security, and Love for Caravans

One of Lakeside’s standout features that captured the hearts of Chris and Jenny is its perfect blend of freedom and security.

This becomes particularly valuable to them, being avid caravan enthusiasts. They have the freedom to set off on the open road at a whim, knowing that their home in Lakeside remains secure.

As Jenny puts it, “We can just lock up and leave and know that the house is going to be safe.”

Beyond the Serenity: The Dynamic Community Life at Lakeside by Teman

Lakeside is more than a retirement village to Chris and Jenny; it’s a community bursting with life, filled with activities both familiar and new.

The pair have enjoyed opportunities to not only revisit old hobbies, but explore new interests, too: Chris now enjoys bowling and gardening, while Jenny indulges in painting and swimming – when they’re not off travelling or hosting family, that is.

A Retirement Village That Lets Family Visit: A Necessity for the Keats

The welcoming spirit of Lakeside extends beyond its residents:

Chris and Jenny frequently host their son and daughter, who live in Singleton and Busselton, respectively. They also have access to the village’s clubhouse for larger family gatherings, ensuring that family connections remain strong.

As Chris shared, “They can come anytime. They can stay overnight, it doesn’t matter.”

Spending time with family and close friends is part of what make life so enjoyable to live – regardless of our age. That’s why Teman communities are built around facilitating and maintaining these connections.

Embracing Change: The Art of Downsizing in a Retirement Village

Transitioning to Lakeside meant a significant lifestyle shift for the Keats, especially when it came to downsizing from a four-bedroom home to a cosy two-bedroom villa.

However, they saw this change as an opportunity to simplify and declutter their lives, opening the door to new experiences.

“We got rid of a lot of clutter, which was good,” Jenny says, reflecting on their move.

Getting rid of the old makes way for the new, and a life with less to clean, maintain, and take care of means more time spent on the things that the pair love.

The Lakeside Life: Experiencing Retirement Bliss Near Perth

Settling down in Lakeside by Teman has added an enriching dimension to Chris and Jenny’s retirement years.

Their stories are testament to the fulfilling life that Lakeside offers, proving that retirement can indeed be a time of exploration, connection, and personal growth.

Stories like the Keats’ show why Lakeside by Teman in Ravenswood – with its excellent location near Perth and quiet, peaceful countryside surroundings – has become the canvas of choice for so many to make memories and enjoy life throughout their golden years.

Life’s good, and it’s even better here

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