Embracing a Vibrant Retirement and the Importance of Downsizing

For Ian and Sue Taylor, The Rise by Teman in Ridgewood WA, has brought a life full of joy, camaraderie, and newfound freedom. From mastering the art of downsizing and finding a home, to building friendships and diving into a bustling social life at their new lifestyle village; their inspiring story is one worth sharing.

Discovering the ideal retirement village

With 51 years of marriage under their belts, Ian and Sue Taylor first encountered The Rise while Ian was employed at ABC Blinds, visiting various retirement communities.

Having seen so many different villages through work, just one visit to The Rise had Ian convinced that – when the time was right – this would be the place.

After seeing The Rise herself, Sue agreed that it was a perfect fit:

“What more could you want?”

The art of downsizing and new beginnings

Both Ian and Sue found downsizing a breeze, as they had already sold a larger home and resided in a compact granny flat prior to moving to The Rise. They embraced the reduced housework, maintenance, and the peace of mind that comes with locking up and leaving for vacations.

Their advice to future retirement village residents? Let go of old, oversized furniture and start fresh for a comfortable and functional living space.

“It’s just an easier way of life. You don’t have that worry all the time that you’ve got to do things.”

Not sure where to start? Check out our handy article on downsizing here.

Being active and social at The Rise

As members of the social committee, Sue’s computer skills and Ian’s organisational talents have been instrumental in planning events and activities for residents.

From monthly pub quizzes and Sunday roasts to dinner dances and themed evenings, there’s never a dull moment. These events foster camaraderie and excitement for all, especially during nights like the elegant black-and-white event or the lively roaring twenties night, which Sue recommends with a word of caution:

“It was such a good night, but we were cleaning up feathers for weeks.”

Plus, being active and social isn’t just fun – it’s good for you. Research conducted by Rush University Medical Center has shown that people who are more socially active are less likely to become disabled, resulting in happier, fuller, and longer lives.

Embrace your retirement village move early

A key lesson from Ian and Sue’s experience is not to delay moving to a retirement village. They believe relocating to The Rise while still working was the best decision they made, as it allowed them to fully enjoy the village’s amenities and develop lifelong friendships. They’d witnessed others join later in life; although they still enjoy the village, they’re unable to take full advantage of everything it offers.

Furthermore, the pair mention another reason that’s spoken of less, but just as important:


“If you move in when you are a bit younger, by the time one of you passes – and we all know it’s going to happen – you’ve got a good group of friends around you, so you feel comfortable coming to the village functions and enjoying yourself.”

Key takeaways

Ian and Sue Taylor’s life at The Rise by Teman is a testament to the importance of timing when moving to a retirement village, embracing downsizing, and actively participating in social activities.
If you’re considering a move, heed their advice: Don’t wait too long, and be ready to immerse yourself in the incredible experiences and friendships that await you in your new retirement village.

And it’s not just Sue and Ian who swear by the decision: there are plenty of benefits to moving into a lifestyle village.

By moving while you’re still active and healthy, you can fully enjoy the benefits of a Teman community. From forging lasting friendships to engaging in countless activities and events, there’s no better way to maximise this exciting new chapter in your life.

Life’s good, and it’s even better here

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