Our aim is for residents to feel safe, happy and positive

We believe and distil our service-led philosophies, welcomeness, and supportive nature. We want to build communities and teams that bring a sense of belonging and friendship to every resident, their family and visitors. That means we put people first, we collaborate with all residents and support ideas that are good and fair for everyone.

it is our people

that bring our shared purpose and vision to life

The combined approach of Teman brings together experts in the field of Sales and Marketing, Building and Construction, Maintenance and Landscaping, Finance, and Retirement Village Management – expert experiences that covers all disciplines to manage a successful and profitable retirement group.

But more importantly, they all believe and distil our service-led philosophies, welcomeness, and supportive nature to ensure each resident enjoys their life and has access to a lifestyle that brings them contentment and happiness as they grow older.

Management team

Jamie Sterland, Managing Director of Teman Lifestyle Communities

Jamie Sterland

Managing Director

Jamie is an experienced Managing Director, skilled in Human Resources, Operations Management, Management, Maintenance Management, and Retirement Villages. Throughout his 25 years’ experience, Jamie has distilled his resident-focussed, inclusive and welcoming management style across all areas of his work.

Karen Zeuschner

Village Manager

Karen is a hands-on, warm, relaxed, enthusiastic and caring Village Manager, with additional experience within the hospital, development and education sectors. A creative and visionary leader for her team, Karen leads with open arms and empathy to deliver the desired outcome for all.

Braden Johnson, Director of Teman Lifestyle Communities

Braden Johnson


With more than 15 years’ experience, Braden has worked within the development industry, and across the construction management areas of residential homes, development management of civil estimation and rollout, and within sales and marketing fields.

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